I was looking at a window without thinking. In the window, there were light blue sky and some clouds. I just got a mail from a middle school that I tried to get in. I got rejected. When I saw the paper, I felt like my life is over. I barely hear the voice of my mom. “This is just a middle school. It is not big problem. You still can go to other school.” I heard something like that. I spent more than two years to study for just get in to that school. I tried my best. It was the first time that I tried my best to do something, and then I got rejection.

I could not cry. It was shocking me but I knew it somehow, after I took the test I imagined this situation. It doesn’t mean that I did bad job on that exam. Literally I had no idea what should I do next. I only thought about that school. I didn’t want to go any other school. In same time I felt so bad to my father. He spent a lot of time money for my study and I have nothing that I can say to him. After few days, he called me to his room, and he apologized to me that that was his fault that I could not get in to the middle school. I felt so bad for him. I could not think anything in that time. I was keep thinking what should I say to my father and how can I apologize to was he hardest time that I have ever spend.

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