New York

Since I was in middle school and start to study English, New York was my dream city. In the first time I visit New York was four years ago, when I was first year in the high school, which is Perkiomen School in Pennsylvania. I was in a school trip. We went to Times Square to see a Broadway musical. I clearly remember that there was a different world. I saw so many people staying on the street and I felt so much energy from the city. So much noise, cars, people, flashy neon signs, and so many other cultures were mixed. In my hometown I cannot really meet with people from different country, so I think that was very first time that I had communication with people from other countries. I could not speak well but it was very fresh and impressive memory to me.

After few months, I came to New York with my friends during long weekends. Since I come to New York often, the impression of the New York were getting change. I saw many homeless people and people throwaway trash all over the place. However there are some reason why I picked New School. Even I saw so many negative things in New York, I still like this city. People gathered from different countries and cultures. I thought even the negative impact I can use it as a part of my art projects. I feel like there is always negative side in human nature, so we have to face to the problem and I want to use them as source for make an art piece as an artist.

In the first day in the airport I was very nervous. I was asking me that can I make friend, what if my roommate is not nice to me, what if I cannot enjoy my college life etc. I could not stop asking me questions. I think this would be a big turning point of my life. Living in New York is such a big event of my life. Everything is different than what I experienced. I want to enjoy my New York life more than anybody.


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