It was rainy and windy; I was walking down the hallway. There were two teachers next to me. One had baldhead and wearing gray suit. And the other one wears sports sweatshirts. I was wearing school uniform and long coat. Since we arrive to my room, I see some basic stuff such as moveable steel chair and steel bed with thin mattress in the empty room. The view remained me a jail. Suddenly someone called my name. I looked up the guy. He seemed like he is mad at me and also he was almost crying. In the moment, I felt that something broke in my mind. He was one of my best friends in the school. We were always together. I was not really sad about to leave the place, but after I saw him, I came back to the reality. Before I met him I was thinking something different. I tried to not think about what is going on to me. Even he was talking to me something. I came close to the window. I saw outside. There were rainy. I was thinking that if the rain could wash away the feeling in my mind… I was trying to not show my emotion. I was sad to leave the school, but in that time I felt I was not really sad. I think it was too sad to leave the school and friend for me so I tried to not think about anything about it. I was also nervous about to move to other school, so I was busy to think a lot of things in one time. Only thing that I remember clearly was not what my friend said, not what my parents told me, it was not what my teachers told me, I clearly remember the sounds of the rain. I will never forget about the feeling and the sounds of the rain.

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  1. nogur783 · September 12, 2018 Reply

    As a reflection, firstly I would like to say what was the hardest thing in this project. For me it was hard to pick vocabulary and words. To pick up words was hard for us because sometimes we have to use words that we don’t usually use. However in this project it was very interesting that I could hear what other people think in their mind, I heard that some of my classmates were doing like poem and some people used skill of story telling. Both of the skills were very fresh to me to see and understand.

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