Seminar Bridge 2 Reflection: Peer to Peer.

What was interesting or challenging about this assignment for you?

  • In the process of this assignment, I had to interview someone who I did not know in my other classes. I picked up a guy from my TIME class. When the first time we talked, it was kind of awkward, because we were not close at all, but since we start talking, I felt like he can be a nice peer for this. I thought that, the most difficulty for me was to talk to other people who does not know well.

How did you feel about the end result?

  • In the result, somehow I ended up with good experiences. For this project, I had to go to Museum of Modern Art. When I walked around and got little bit tired, I sat down on the chair and looked up people who comes to museum. Then I start to think why they come, where they come from, what are they thinking, etc . Therefor I found a meaning for this action. Looking carefully around world is very important and meaningful for me as an artist.

What would you do differently if you had more time?

  • For making letter, I would try more for decorations and format of the characters. Unfortunately, I could not even finish with my hand writing on the letter, so that is what I could improve for it.

What connections did you make exploring this experience both visually (in Studio) and in writing (in Seminar)?

  • I found a connection for both visually (in Studio) and in writing (in Seminar), which are same as many artworks around us. When artists create artwork with reasons, they have meaning first and explore artwork. Sometime, it is hard to tell, but in the process of the making, the sense of the meaning effect the design of the artwork.

What was it like creating a handwritten letter and envelope in a time when most of our communications are digital?

  • It was interesting to make it and especially for the one who got the hand written letter, I guess it could felt like more homey or fundamental ideas than electronic or digital mails.

What else do you want to share about this assignment?

  • For the assignment, there were  many hard things such as how we explore letter to artwork, or what was the meaning thing in the action. However the all the processes end up with great result, so I guess it was great opportunity to think the process to make an artwork in the future.

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