Bridge 2


This art work is painted by acrylic. When I visit the Museum of Modern Art, I saw some paintings that are painted by only two or three  simple and beautiful colors. The assignment for Bridge 2 was to visit somewhere and do something that I feel uncomfortable. For this assignment I had to go MOMA by myself and take many pictures. When I visit there, I felt awkward somehow, also I felt loneliness, and emptiness at same time. By that reason, few colors paintings caught my eyes because I felt that the artworks represent my feeling very well.  Especially I saw one drawing which is made by different value of gray. The colors were beautifully separated on the canvas and it evokes sadness and feeling of despair. However, it reminds me of my childhood memories and my home, which impressed me and I wanted to try that similar style by different colors, so I made the artwork by only pink and blue. In the process of making this artwork, I tried many colors such as gray, green, light yellow, brown and dark red, but it did not work well as the collaboration of pink and blue. I appreciate this two colors matching and each color evokes different thing for everyone, so as a result I wanted to make something very simple but meaningful for everyone, perhaps it worked for me.

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