Space bridge1

For Space class, 2nd semester, 2019

three pictures of drawing which is drawn by my roommate. (model of the 2D faces)

I tried to figure out the structure by not using all the lines that my roommate draw, I tried to make it as specific as possible from the drawing but some parts did not work well, especially some specific part of drawing. the wire makes the lines thicker so the eyes and eyebrows were hard to make it by the material.

2D faces made by wires.

3D head peace made by  wire.

reflection: For the first time of practice wire artwork, it ended up with very nice experiences. The experiments of the wires are workable at many art different art fields, such as for digital fabrication class,  we are making 3D objects by Bristol papers and using of wire gives me more options to connect small pieces. Also I want to try to incorporate the techniques and experiments to the Fashion Objects. I believe it deeply related to the jewelry design and fashion designs. therefore it is very helpful experiments of using wires in the second semester.


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