Frida Kahlo : Appearances Can Be Deceiving


first object.

  1. Diego Rivera/ Frida Kahlo
  2. Prosthetic Leg with Lace-up boots
  3. 1953-54
  4. For Frida Kahlo, she had one leg shorter by disease
  5. leather, silk ribbon metal.
  6. This is useful for disabled people, but each of these match to the particular person, so others can not share it. For this one, Frida Kahlo decorates it by leather and red boots with stitches.

This art piece is called Prosthetic Leg with Lace-up boots made by Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo. This prosthetic leg was constructed in 1953-54 by leather, silk ribbon, and metal. Frida Kahlo needed this because she had diseases which made her one leg shorter than others. Usually, the prosthetic leg is only for the person who needs it so; no one else can use this. By my research, Frida Kahlo made some paintings which tells that she has some kind of diseases. I thought She tried to hide it because, in the museum, there are long skirts which covers her legs. I think she wears it every day. Because she needed it to walk. In that time, I don’t think this item concern as a beauty; she wanted to hide it from other people, and for our period, it doesn’t concern as a beauty too, so she probabry had a complex about this but it makes her identities as a disability people.

  1. Mazatech Community, Huantra de Jimenez
  2. Huipil
  3. Oaxaca, Mexico,
  4. before 1954
  5. Casual dress for daily life.
  6. This item needs to be comfortable, so it made of cotton.
  7. To make it comfortable.

This two piece dress is called Huipll, which is designed by Mazatech Community and Huantra de Jimenez. It made in Oaxaca, Mexico, before 1954. The first impression of this piece was a simple black skirt and oversized white cloth. I found dirt on the t-shirt, so I think that she wears it as daily clothes. On shirts, there are beautiful stitches of birds and flowers. The design of the clothes is straightforward to wear them for everyday life. This dress considered as beautiful for both time past and now.  By the research, I found that she wore this style of clothes a lot in her life and it is traditional Mexican wear.

  1. Banco de Mexico, Diego Rivera, Frida Kahlo.
  2. Enague and Holan
  3. Michoacan, Mexico
  4. before 1954
  5. Designed for not daily life. For particular reasons, some celebration or party.
  6. There is a collar on this shirt, that means she did not wear it every day, because it is not comfortable. There is velvet, so it is expensive for this time. So it is special clothes for her.
  7. It is more formal than the other one, and it has much more materials used on the skirt. Also, the designer used different kinds of materials to make them more unique.

My first impression of this piece was very different than the other one; I could see that designer put more effort to design this dress especially the skirt. That have two different materials used, and there are also beautiful gold stitches on it, the dress can be worn for only specific reasons such as celebration or parties. This dress is considered as beautiful in now and past. However, we cannot wear it right now, because its design is too old and too formal. When the time she was living, all people had to wear something like this, and she was also wearing it as well.  I think she was trying to communicate with other people and had some relationship between societies. I researched about her style of fashion, and I find out that she was into Mexican fashion and also European fashion. I think at that time, Europe had a big impact more than now and it was the time which is a move all people were followed .

Summarize and elaborate on your comparison of one of the wearable artifacts with one artwork or object from the exhibition in one paragraph. Your independent research should add to this paragraph.

  • Mazatech Community, Huantra de Jimenez
  • Huipil
  • Oaxaca, Mexico,
  • before 1954
  • —————————————
  • Frida Kahlo
  • Self-portrait with necklace 
  • Oil and Metal

In the drawing she is wearing a necklace and a t-shirt which is white t-shirts with no collars on it, that means when she pain it she was wearing a white t-shirt. From that, I can relate to the other wearable piece which is she liked to wear something comfortable.  In the research, I find that she wanted to wear loose and comfortable clothes and I think many paintings and photography of her life, she is wearing loose and relaxed clothes.


Part 3: 

As a reflection, I think Frida Kahlo had suffered life when she was alive; she had diseases had some accident. In the museum, I find an interest which is all the artwork somehow relate to others not because it was used or drawn by the same person. I thought fashion is not associated with the character or the drawing, but in the museum,  all the things, even drawing, accessories and dresses were related to somehow. This was an exciting experience for me to understand how fashion relates to the identities and the life of the person. 




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