If you are seeking government contract funding, you have come to the right place. Government contract financing is a less common form of financing available to entrepreneurs and small businesses. LEONID is a trusted capital provider and one of the best places to turn for government contract financing. They offer loans that allow small to medium-sized companies to complete government projects, expand working capital, and more while keeping control of their businesses. Government contracts typically aren’t financed by traditional banks and require business owners to borrow money from friends and family or obtain equity financing. LEONID helps small to medium-sized businesses get government contract financing to finance their operations before receiving government payments with non-dilutive funds.

Contract Financing

LEONID Finances Government Contracts

Among the most respected capital providers, LEONID specializes in government contract financing. As a government contractor, obtaining funding is a significant challenge, as the government typically pays slowly and often before the invoice is even due. 

LEONID is an industry leader in government contract financing and works with innovators to fund projects with high-tech solutions before or after the work begins. The company’s founders are highly experienced in working with government projects and financing classified government contract projects. If you have a government contract or SBIR Award and need working capital to start your project, getting non-dilutive funding from a government-trusted capital provider might be the right fit for your business. In addition, you can take pride that you are partnering with a company that donates half of its profits to veteran communities and military families. LEONID can meet your needs if you need financing to complete a job, bid on new contracts, or cover payroll.

Government Contract Financing

LEONID is a government contract financing firm with an innovative funding model. It is the first government contract factoring company to offer non-dilutive contract financing before you start on a government project. The company also partners with organizations that serve the needs of veterans and military families, whether it’s to enhance access to scholarships for military families or help organizations that train and place shelter dogs with US military veterans that suffer from the emotional effects of war. 


With nearly $25 million in government contract transactions since its founding, the company understands the needs of small businesses and the difficulties they face when looking for a financing solution. They can provide the working capital needed to complete jobs, bid on new government contracts, and cover payroll. No matter your business needs, LEONID can also help by factoring government receivables if you need funding after the project has been started.


Traditional banks do not offer loans to government contractors since they typically require collateral or won’t finance due to the concern that government contracts can be canceled at any time. Usually, government contractors obtain financing with loans from friends and families, personal lines of credit, or equity investments. However, a government contractor needs short and long-term funding as any other company. LEONID’s government contract financing solution offers the flexibility required to manage business growth and participate in more government contracts. 


Their mission-oriented funding model focuses on helping companies achieve their potential without losing control of their businesses and simultaneously supporting veterans and their families. The mission-oriented funding model of LEONID helps innovators create companies that benefit the US and the Military & Veterans community. By donating 50 percent of its profits, LEONID has been able to give back to the community and help thousands of people. Additionally, LEONID offers non-dilutive funding as loans for government contractors, government accounts receivable, and government invoice factoring to government contractors.

Wrapping Up

Leonid has the financial solution if you need funding to complete a current project, bid on new contracts, or cover payroll. With years of experience working on government contracts, LEONID knows what it takes to get the job done. In addition, its mission-oriented funding model helps it make a meaningful impact by assisting companies to grow and supporting the Veterans and Military community.

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