Mobile phones are the most popular technology devices used worldwide, according to current data. 96.2 percent of users will own a mobile phone in 2022. Smartphones are the most common of the various mobile phone models. 96% of global customers own them. Despite the large number, it represents a decline of 0.4% over the previous year.

The number of mobile cellular connections in the US is consistent with the increased ownership of smartphones. This figure, 353.5 million, represents 105.9% of the US population. In the US, there are, therefore, more mobile lines than residents. This platform Deron Campbell is here to help you in knowing most popular technology devices in the US.

Tablets and computers, both desktop and laptop versions are the second and third most common technology devices, respectively. Nearly half (48%) of Americans who live in the US own tablets, while just under seven out of ten (69.1%) own a laptop or desktop. 76.4 percent of US citizens choose to access the internet on desktops or laptops, making these the most common technology devices used to get online.

Despite being so highly ranked, ownership of these technology devices has actually decreased slightly from the previous year. The percentage of US consumers who possess PCs decreased by 5.7%, while the percentage who own tablets decreased by 4.4%.

Over the past year, virtual reality gadgets have seen the most significant increase in ownership. Ownership rose 18.5% from one year ago. The number of persons in the US who possess video game consoles fell by 6.3 percent, which was the highest decline. Interestingly, though, users’ daily time spent on video gaming consoles climbed by 16% to 87 minutes.

Consumers now own more feature phones, smartwatches or smart wristbands, and TV streaming gadgets in addition to virtual reality equipment.

The popularity of these common technology devices has increased over the previous year in the following ways:

Ownership of TV streaming devices increased by 0.5 percent to 36.7 percent. Smartwatch or smart bracelet ownership increases by 9.5% to 30%.

Increase of 9.8% to 4.5 percent for feature phones. Despite a decline in ownership, tablets and smart home appliances currently rank among the most popular devices in the US. Here is how well they did:

Tablet ownership drops from 4.4 percent to 48 percent. One percent decline to a 20.7 percent ownership rate for smart homes.