Are you aware of the Star Citizen Referral Code? These codes are designed to be used during the process of creating an account. It’s important to ensure that you do this while creating your account because the option to input a referral code will not be available after creating the account. Also, once you have included the referral code, it will earn you up to 5,000 UEC free, which is the equivalent of $5. This will serve as the head start that you need to perform in-game activities and also to buy amors, ship upgrades, hanger decorations, and weapons in general.

To properly understand the importance of the referral code, you’ll need a proper background in Star Citizen, and you’ll find this below.

Basically, star citizen referral code is a new simulator video game that was created for GNU/Linux and Microsoft Windows. The game was developed by Cloud Imperium Games and Chris Roberts. Basically, the game involves trading within an MMO-style persistent universe, as well as first-person space combat.

You might be wondering what the gameplay is like. The gameplay shares some similarities to many other Robert’s space simulation games but is also different from the conventional traditional MMO. Star Citizen mostly utilizes space shooter mechanics. Ship upgrades are key for enhanced battle performance in the game. Another factor that determines game performance is the skill of a player.

Star Citizen features multiple game types, among which include a persistent world that is like other conventional MMO games, as well as a single-player campaign mode. There are also private servers that are included in the game to further make it interesting to play.

Here are some key features to note about the game:


The game utilizes a Newtonian-based physics engine. Basically, the ships in the game are equipped with thrusters that reverse acceleration by turning the ship. Players can lose thruster, and this can inhibit their flying.


Navigation in the game is primarily by jump drives, quantum drives, and thrusters. Traveling between star systems is done mostly via the known and existing paths that are included in the game, but players can also discover new paths.


Ship balance and skill are the two factors that ship combat relies on. Ships that enter combat are practically placed in a battleground. It’s also possible for other ships to join the battleground, and it’s worth noting that the battleground can hold up to 100 ships. Star Citizen is a dynamic game with many combat features that you’ll like.

These are only some of the notable features of the game, and with this, you can see that it’s an interesting one. Therefore, to enjoy a quick start into the game, you’ll need to utilize a referral code to enjoy the ability to perform key upgrades.

It’s worth noting that there are only limited offers available, meaning that you’ll need to grab hold of an offer as quickly as possible. An example of a promotion that was provided in July is the Drake Dragonfly Black with LTI, and this promotion was valued at $40. However, the promotion ended on the 18thof July, but you can still enjoy the benefit of the free sign-up referral bonus we mentioned above.

Basically, anyone who has an interest in this game should always be on the lookout for these promotions and offers so that you can maximize theirbenefits and also enhance your gaming experience whenever you play Star Citizen. You can also get these referral codes directly from the Star Citizen Website, and you should visit it now to get your referral code.