Star Citizen is a combat simulator and MMO space trading that has its setting in the mid-to-late 30th century. The game features first-peso element and space flight aspects that make it easier for players to explore different aspects of the game and fight in space, space stations, and on the planet. There are many activities in the game, including mining, trading, smuggling, exploration, and even piracy, aided by the presence of ships in the game. These ships can be outfitted and upgraded to make them ideal for different playstyles.

One of the game’s key features is Squadron 42, a single-player, online campaign set within the game’s universe. This features 70 campaign missions, which can be tied to Star Citizen, depending on the player’s preference. Let’s take a closer look at

The game has many modules, and you might be wondering what you should play first. If you’re confused, consider starting with the Arena Commander, which is a mode of the game within Star Citizen Alpha. It’s the smoothest option you have in the game, and this is because it comes with co-op or player, single-player, combat options, and this is with many gaming ship     s.

Another thing that will interest you is the option to buy ships in the game. This is currently possible through the RSI packages. It’s worth mentioning that each of these packages contains many gaming ships, which are together with the insurance of the ships, and gaming currency. The packages come with different prices, and the cheapest of them is the $45 package. The are so many things to explore in the game, and it mostly depends on your preference.

In Star Citizens, you can buy, borrow, steal or rent ships when playing. To purchase shops, you’ll need a certain amount of UEC. After making a purchase for these ships, they will be in your account until there’s a reset in the server, which usually takes place during a major update.

The last feature of the game that we’ll highlight is the Public Test Universe, which is an environment that shares many similarities with the current live version of the Star Citizen game. This is designed to allow players to test different patches of the game, perform bug fixes, and also for the addition of more content. Star Citizen holds so many promises that can only be experienced when you actually play the game.