When people look for a pet, most of them would get a dog or a cat. That’s only natural since these two are the most popular domesticated pets to own at home. Taking a look at a dog, there’s a reason why it is called man’s best friend. A lot of people love to get dogs of their own but the question is, why would you want to own a dog?

Why you may want to own a dog

  • The number one reason is that dogs are very easy to take care of. Depending on how you raise a dog, it will be very loyal and easy to handle. Just give it its basic needs like food, water, and a place to sleep, and it won’t give you any trouble.
  • They can also be trained very easily when you have the time and patience. This means that you can train your dog where to pee and poop. That way, the house stays clean and if you ever need to get rid of the mess, you know where it is.
  • Speaking of training, some owners train their dogs to be guard dogs. Basically, the dogs are like an added layer of security at home. They’ll bark or even attack intruders because they know that those people aren’t inhabitants of the house. Dogs can be trained to do that and that’s very cool since they help keep the house safe. Some people are afraid of dogs barking at them.
  • A dog is generally fun to have because they’re like an extra friend to bond with. Even though dogs don’t talk, there’s a certain connection there for people to have. This is important, especially for those that are living on their own. Plus, their loyalty has been shown multiple times when their owners have been good to them.
  • There are those that raise dogs for competitive reasons. There are those dog competitions or fashion shows where people invest a lot of time and money. They get their Teacup Pomeranian or whatever breed of dog to partake in such contests for money, fame, and more.
  • There are people that have dogs as a form of support. You’ve probably heard about dogs for blind people and those that are called emotional support dogs. They have a lot of purposes and giving people aid and happiness can be another factor for owning one.

Just a few things to remember

  • There are a lot of dog breeds out there so pick out one that is suited for you. Different breeds vary when it comes to their size. There are small, medium, and large dog breeds that you might want to check out. Dogs have different behaviors and there are those that are just relaxed and some require a lot of care and attention.
  • There’s nothing stopping you from getting more than one dog. Different breeds can mingle together but you have to watch out for them when they’re still initially socializing together. Some dogs can be a bit aggressive but if you did your job correctly, your dogs will be meshing really well.
  • Also, if you do have multiple dogs, watch out that they don’t start breeding with each other. There’s nothing wrong with that but you wouldn’t want to have any unwanted pregnancies and you’ll be deep with puppies.

There are a lot of good reasons for you to buy and own a dog, but whatever the reason is, you’ll be glad to own one.