Emotional intelligence is being aware of your own being and feelings. By understanding Emotional intelligence fully, you will be able to interact with other people with ease despite their varying habits, moods and behaviors. However, it is important to understand the main characteristics of Emotional intelligence so that you can learn how to respond to different situations, people, and your own moods. If you want to control your mood well, you will find that it is easy with emotional intelligence. Below, we will look at the characteristics of Emotional intelligence so that you can be able to identify with other people.

Self awareness

The first characteristic of emotional intelligent people is that they are able to control their emotions. With this, they do not let their immediate emotions run their mood, influence their behavior or dictate their actions. The persons are fully in control of their faculties and thus will make the right decisions no matter the situation that they are facing. This is very important as it will cause them to remain composed even when undergoing tension and external pressure from different forces.  Therefore, it is important to note that Emotional intelligent people are able to distinguish between feeling and thought and thus, can always remain in control of different situations.

Self control

Another important characteristic that emotional intelligent people have is self control over their own emotions and impulses in their mind.  Normally, people with self regulation will never get angry over situations and happenings because they know how to contain their thoughts and anger. That is why it is very easy to get along with people who are emotionally intelligent. When you make them angry, these people will calmly talk to you to solve the issue instead of shouting and getting angry over the matter.

High motivation

People with a high level of emotional intelligence are usually highly motivated in whatever that they do. Instead of looking for short-time success, the people are able to focus on longer term projects that will bring them gratification over a longer period of time. In this case, the people are highly motivated to achieve different goals and thus can work real hard in their projects. Visit this page to learn more about the traits of emotional intelligence.


Empathy is the ability to put you in the shoes of other people. With empathy, you will be able to see how other people think, look at things, and live. With this, it will be easy to handle the different people along with the things that they are facing in life. When you are empathetic, you will also have a positive attitude towards other people.

Great social skills

Another characteristic of emotional intelligence is good social skills. This means that the people have great social skills that enable them to cooperate and be great team players to other people. Emotional intelligent people don’t just care about themselves but rather believe in the notion that success is not just about them. The people know too well that they cannot achieve success by themselves but by helping others achieve their goals. Emotional intelligent people can also help settle disputes, are great communicators and are experts at building and keeping relationships. Whatever the case, the people are great at interacting with other people and this is where their strength lies.


Above, we have looked at the top 5 characteristics of people with emotional intelligence. With this, we hope that you will be able to identify these persons in one go. This will help you understand people better as you are interacting with them. When you are emotionally intelligent, you will also be able to handle different situations and environments, helping you adapt well with the prevailing and emerging situations.