Anyone interested in working as an electrician or exploring the electrical trades has so many options to choose from because it’s a promising career path with diverse opportunities available. Electricians are mostly involved with different construction and maintenance tasks, including electrical wiring and other maintenance responsibilities for both commercial and residential properties.

As mentioned earlier, there are different types of electrical trades available, and what’s more, is that there are also different types of specialties for people to explore within the electrical trade. Each specialty is designed to handle a different task, and examples include maintaining and installing wiring, reading blueprints, inspecting electrical components, and identifying and repairing electrical problems.

There are different career opportunities available for people thinking of becoming an electrician and entering the electrical trade to explore, and this includes residential wiremen, installer technicians, outside linesmen, and many more. There are also renewal energy technicians who specialize in repairing and installing alternative energy systems. In this article, we’ll have a deeper look at the different career opportunities within the electrical trade, so continue reading for more.

Career Opportunities in the Electrical Trade

Here’s an overview of the different career opportunities in the electrical trade:

Inside Wiremen

Inside wiremen are specialists that are trained to work on the interior of both commercial and industrial environments. Basically, they work on connecting the equipment and the electrical systems to the external power source of properly. These specialists are trained to maintain and install lighting, security systems, fire alarms, and even the grounding systems within the property.

They also help in connecting electrical power to control panels, HVAC systems, motors, and many other devices that rely on electricity to operate. In addition, these specialists are also equipped with the technical know-how to help in installing conduit systems for electrical wiring.

Outside Linesmen

Another career opportunity within the electrical trade that you’ll find really interesting is that of an outside linesman. These specialists help in installing electrical lines to transport electricity from the power plant to the end user. Outside linemen are also trained to install and maintain transformers, maintain existing lines, and string new transmission lines.

It’s important to note that the work of an outside linesmen is not for the faint of heart. This is because, in some cases, they might work in the air. Sometimes, they might need to climb high poles or sometimes use a bucket truck. These professionals are usually called to perform repair jobs in cases where the weather condition is very extreme.

Residential Wireman

The residential wireman is a professional in the electrical trade. They are like the inside wireman, but they differ in the fact that they only work in a residential environment, while the inside wireman can also work in a commercial environment. Basically, a residential wireman is tasked with the responsibility of installing and maintaining different wiring systems, and this includes fire alarm systems, security systems, and energy management systems. It’s important to note that they do this in addition to lighting systems and standard electrical wiring in your home.

Installer Technician

These technicians are trained to work together with the residential wiremen and inside wiremen. They work on installing low-voltage cabling used for video, data, and voice transmission. The installer technician is a professional who can practice their work in both a residential and a commercial setting. They work on installing data outlets at different workstations.

Installer technicians also help install rack-mounted or wall-mounted telephone cross-connect systems based on key standards and requirements. For residential properties, the installer technician helps in installing high-end video and audio viewing systems, as well as running the cabling for computer networks within homes.

Renewable Energy Technician

Today, the interest in green technologies and sustainable energy is on a steady increase, and this is because of the importance of clean energy sources to our ecosystem. Basically, this interest has brought about a rise in different specialized careers within the sustainability field. Today, there are different renewable energy technicians who work both outdoors and indoors, and they play key roles in maintaining and installing alternative energy systems.

In technical schools, they study mechatronics, electronics, wind and water generators, digital fundamentals, and solar panels. Basically, the electrical field is a versatile one, and there are many opportunities available. The first step towards this is to explore these opportunities to  get electrical training to become a certified and licensed technician.

Another important thing to note is that electricians are skilled tradesmen within the construction industry, and they are trained to handle any job that involves electric power. They also help in installing, maintaining, and repairing electrical systems and lines within residential and commercial environments. Also, electricians also have a specialty in many other industries. The interesting thing is that electricians across the world also earn an impressive amount of money monthly, which makes the profession a worthy one.