Introduction of myself – artifacts

Hi, I’m Audrey Chou from Taipei, Taiwan and was accepted to Parsons for undeclared.

I’m an outgoing person and will love to meet new friend

I have interests in a bunch of stuff. Such as film, music, dance, sports, photography, painting, travelling and any kind of art forms I listen to different types of music but are obsessed with lofi hip-hop, RnB, Jazz, blues, house, souls, vintage music from the 1920’s – 60s and Taiwanese independent bands.

Some of my favorite musicians are Loyle Carner, FKJ, Tom Misch, 9m88, Run-DMC, The planet, Dean.

My favorite directors are Tim Burton and David Fincher

Favourite films and tv series are the Fight club, Stranger Things, The Artist, the Green Mille, and V for Vendetta.

I really love to dance Hip-Hop  and House and have learn dancing for 3 years.

I’ve also learned drum for 5 years and guitar for two years, welcome to crew a dance team or band with me!

Here are my social media and website.

Insta : x_auc_x
Fb: 周以涵

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