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First I search for a lot of artist that went through mental illness and having psychological problem, however, I found out that a lot of them were artists from the old times, which were artists such as Van Gough and so on. However, after I got into this website ArtReport, I found out an investing article about this artist – Joy Sela, which I’m really interested about.

The Emergence of a Movement: An Interview with Artist Joy Sela

Joy Sela – She’s an Artist, Spiritual Activist, Creative Director, who grew up from the midwest in Minnesota. She was deeply influence by her Jewish heritage, and was developing series of artwork to inspire Positive Distribution. Her works was mostly consist of digital and psychological, and Joy, as an artist, was having a vision of helping brads to communicate who they are and what they have to offer.


The Four Pillars 

this series of Joy Sela interpritates the transformation and self discovery of human being. The Pillars- Mirror, Uncover, Path, & Emanate was expressed through out documented film to present who they are, mirroring unconditional love, finding truth, and share their gifts with the world.

we mirror – this series documented and created  experience the process of people mirroring love to following humans, no matter who they are.


uncover – 

this series tells the uncover of original Beaty in human being with illusions in the past.  As people uncover their own value, they can uncover the same Beaty in the world around them.


path – 

this series is a call to activate creative individual to their own journey.




this series is a reminder to all the people, reminding who they really are and attune them to a higher frequency of being.



this is Joy Sela’s portrait from her instagram @iamjoysela







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