“Bridge 2: Project Statement_February 2019”

February 27, 2019 - Integrative Studio 2
“Bridge 2: Project Statement_February 2019”

The image I choose for the commercial redesign was the Chanel perfume commercial.

The reason why I choose it its because of the use of technological aspect, which were video, and also the vibrant colors and dancers that involved in this advertisement.

As an artist and dancer, the high aesthetic quality of Chanel commercial was always a high standard goal for me. But since it was own a privilege level, what if we turned it into a commercial that targets more younger and middle class generations? For me, a good product should not only benefit the wealth, but also the general republic. I choose to target the general republic of dancers, which also involved myself, and feel to enhance the proximities of Chanel perfume commercials. I want the audience to feel that everyone can have the opportunity to afford a bottle of Chanel perfume.


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