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Dr. Mehmet Berkmen and  Maria Peñil Cobo – Bacteria Art Recently I just got a stomach ache by food poisoning, which was related to bacteria. I came up the idea of germs and biological means and searched online with the keyword of bacteria art, which several results came out and lead me to this website created by the team of the Creative Director – Dr….

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Birds of a Feather Video Response – 03/07/19

    1/  When did Joseph Cornell start collecting materials for his work?  Cornell started his artworks around the age of 30, which he start making obsessive, ingenious versions of the same story — founded object that reminds people of  expansiveness and flight. What does different kind of birds symbolize? In general, birds symbolized human’s power to…

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Michael Mapes – biological specimens Inspired by the collection theme we have to do for the studio bridge 3 project, the word biological specimens comes up to my mind soon. I search with this keyword with my phone in a sudden and found out this artist Michael Mapes, from the BeautifulNow website, which is a news website that shares positive…

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