“Bridge 3 Reflection – April 2019”.

April 4, 2019 - Integrative Studio 2


1. Please identify (at least) one way in which creating visualizations (as a form of annotation) supports your research/ creative process.

Creating visualizations helps me understand what am I researching and how does these objects in the real world connect to any kinds of topic I am researching. These thinking about “what ¬†visuals can I make to symbolize something” made us broken our thoughts into how can we create an object, how can the object be place, and also know how to communicate with the audience through out the process of explaining your objects created.

2. What was surprising/ interesting to you about the connections you made between sources as you organized your visualizations in the collection/ in the box? 

I realize my connections from the thesis to the objects itself was often not literal or clear, and often needs explanations, however, the objects I chose was often literal objects, which was really interesting to think about why am I choosing literal objects to represent abstract ideas.

Also, I realize I put a lot of effort on the feeling and atmosphere of my piece, and sometimes often forget how the objects can be created, or how to be presented and even to be seen as not just in the box but also out of the box.

3. What inspired you in the work of one of your colleagues? (Was it a question, a research area, a source, how the collection was organized, the craft or techniques used?) (If you take a photo of their work, please ask permission first.)


I am surprised that not all of the people use boxes to actually create a collection, instead, they incorporate the idea of using light, sound, and even made the whole collection itself combine into on piece of sculpture to represent their paper.

Also how people use used materials and recycled them to create their own object also inspired me a lot as an artist, since, I keep thinking about the literal use of box, objects, and so on, which made me spend a lot of time on finding objects, and putting them together instead of questioning myself, how can I create them with what I already have? How can I investicate more about the used materials?

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