“Artist Discovery Reflection – May 2019”

April 25, 2019 - Integrative Studio 2

1. How you chose your artists.

I’ll choose artist base on my recent mood or condition. It could be the challenge I’ve face recently, and a lot of them were negative feelings or self discoveries.

2. Themes that arose for you.

mental health, psychology, costume, spirituality, body, love.

3. What you learned about yourself or your process.

I leaned a lot about how most of the time I use art to express my mental depress and emotions. A lot of them were sad feelings, which reflects the fact that while I am depress, I always tend to not find anyone else to talk to but choose to fall in to the world of art to cure myself.

4. The kinds of artists you chose (type of work, or style, or choice-making of those artists).

The artist I chose are from different working areas, some of them experiment with graphic, paintings, photography, performing, science, and so on. Most of them are using different materials to create, which reflects my personality as a cross disciplinary artist.

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