“IS2: [Aduance meet] – May 2019”

April 25, 2019 - Integrative Seminar 2, Integrative Studio 2, Uncategorized
“IS2: [Aduance meet] – May 2019”



Working on exploring the problem of how commercialization in street dance culture influence society, my seminar project focuses on the negative effects on social media, which was a lack of communication, shallow understanding of culture, decline of creativity in dance, injuries, and manufactured dance choreography. Focusing on the problem of “lack of communication”, I tried to create a design proposal and APP named “Advance – meet” to solve the problem of lack of communication between dancers by creating several locations outdoors for people to connect face to face with each other on the designed APP.

While doing the research of how street dance culture was influenced by social media, it was hard to find direct data about how social media and street dance effects each other since both of them was new to the world but had grown really fast around the same time. Street dance was having a history of 40 years, and social media or to say high standard technology had risen for about 40 years as well. Different sources had pointed out the effects of social media on mental and physical health, and a lot of them, I found out, was pointing towards human emotion adjustments. No matter what kind of dance I choose today, to what kind of path that I choose to talk about for the project, a lot of them receive the effects of lack of communication, shallow understanding of specific culture, the decline of creativity, injuries, and manufactured or machined product. Because of social media, people nowadays were assuming and judging about others life since they couldn’t;t see what’s underneath it. They can only watch what’s presented and fear about presenting themselves to the world because they are fearing to get hurt and represent themselves the world. The fear of being the judge on social media had invaded dance culture as well and also made people hard to tolerate their feelings and emotion, which made them hard to expose their own body movement while facing one another as well.

The App Advance was created in a way to solve the problem of lack of communication in dance. The project was having a goal of creating a community for dancers, encourage face to face communication, and also encourage people to meet different people around anytime or anywhere in the world. To start a community or to say cipher ( a dance circled that was the form for individuals to solo) People just have to simply click on the map and create a temporary event anytime to gather people who were interested in dance. The name of Advance was named through a combination of an African Myth creature and the word dance. I created one project statement to define the role of the APP, and one interface design to show how it will feel approximately.

Both of the projects in seminar and studio had reflected ideas of technology, mental health, physical awareness, and communication. The APP was initially designed with more different categories. However, I had decided to focus on one aspect of it already. And hope people in the dance community can really receive the help of finding friends and communicate with them face to face.

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