“Process Documentation & Project/ “Aduance – meet ” – May 2019″

April 25, 2019 - Integrative Seminar 2, Integrative Studio 2



Project statement 



Inspired by several successful APPS on market, my final purpose was to combine all function of these APPs and make all the role of the APPs above in to street dance, providing a resourceful platform for street dancers.

For the studio project itself, the meet app design was mostly inspired by meet up and find my friend, which was two of the most successful apps rated in the App Store.

research table and build up assignments 

My research thesis for the project was – social media and commercialize culture nowadays influence street dance in a way that causes a decline in creativity, lack of correct knowledge of street dance, lack of communication, and also causes injuries for dances.

These are the research tables that represents the research topic of how does commercialization and social media effects street dance culture, and also the built up assignments from previous bridges

reasserch table – bridge 3 -2j376p6

Relationship between Studio and seminar. 

Since my seminar project his focusing on the negative problems that was caused by social media and commercializing culture of street dance, my studio project on the other hand, was focusing on how we can solve this problem that was on the surface. Through out researching the problems that were occurring in the commercialized street dance culture, I can find out several aiming points to focus on for my studio projects, which I found out using an app will be a good idea as a problem solver since people were now 90 percent living with technological products.

Bridge three link 


Ideation stage

define your audience / role prototype 

  • First I made a document to understand my goals, function, and role of the app itself, also to make it less complicate, I cut down most of the ruction for the app itself and decide to focus on the meeting function of the app.
  • link of the google doc 



I sketched out the interface designs with simple ideas to make sure and imagine how the app will function and how it will looks like.

I did two models, the early model was focusing on all function of the app which was health, nutrition, foundation, meet, and knowledge. However, after narrowing down the choices, I only sketched out the interfaces for the meeting app that focusing on socializing and face to face interaction as an app.


Look and feel 

Then I start developing the look and feel prototype, imagining the style of the app I want.

These are the prototype interface 1 and 2

which the first one is the early concept of combined app design, and the 2 one was a more realistic version of meet app that focused ion one area instead more than one.

I choose to to use photoshop instead of Adobe XD since the design in photoshop templates looks more realistic and classical as an undeveloped App. Also, it matches with the software for coding(swift) as well.

However, my final goal is still to design an APP that was based on a style similar to head space, which was more graphic and illustrated.


Implement prototype

Next base on the interface design I start doing to implement prototype which was the main thing I am focusing on for the coding class.

Applying what I’ve learned from the coding class, which was the swift software, I tried to code for the map part and was still in progress for the functions.

The final result was not complete, which for now I can only put my designed pins on the actual google map. Hope in thew future, I can finish the App itself or find a team to help me with.

For studio class:

For studio class, I work on finding the exact or better design graphics for my App, and also defining the role of my model for future business.


For app making class:

For this class, I focused more on the technical aspect, which was the coding and fiction of the APP


“IS2: [Aduance meet] – May 2019”

“Bridge 2: Project Statement_February 2019”

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