Bridge 4 Reflection and Process Model – May 2019/. IS2 Studio Final Reflection – May 2019

May 3, 2019 - Integrative Studio 2

UK Design Council’s User-Centred Approach

define the problem 

The problem in street dance culture was the unorganized information and lack of face to face interactions in reality due to the change ni technology and environment from street to studio space. Although studio spaces provided a safe environment for people to dance, however, it was hard for young dancers in the world today to understand the feeling of real street dance community, which was rooted through neighbors and friends on street.

Need finding and Benchmarking 

The users could be anyone, but mostly people who are interested in street dance.


create an street dance based app that covers five categories, which was health, meeting, knowledge, foundations, and Nutrition.

Create a platform for dancers to receive financial aid or so on.

create a platform for new dancers to learn about injury prevention and so on.


This is the prototype and few interface of the app, hope in the future, I can have a team to help build the app and develop it in a more fine way.


I find myself using more process awareness and use of subconsciousness through out my whole projects in the semester.

Usually, I don’t document my creating process and have not a lot of awareness on how I create works or what causes my work to change through out my creative process. However, through the recordings and use of subconscious, I understand that I often loose focus on my projects, and need to do more structuring and self reflecting before I start creating an art work. The strategy of self awareness also applies in life as well. People often were so overwhelmed by works and their surroundings and have less amount of time to reflect and question about their own actions nowadays. The self awareness helps us to identify ourselves, identify who we are and the roots of our actions ands thoughts, which may be the reasons we fail, the reasons we fear, or the reasons we are in pain. I will like to tell all of the students to make more friends, find yourself from your inner self, from where you are from, and create the best work you can that tells a story under your own speed.

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