Systematic Map

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Systematic Map


Waste system – the waste in Taiwan’s nongovernmental fitness certification system 

Start from identifying my system of waste in certification, the biggest problem I found out was the cause of injuries as a result. The system of the industry was basically working in 4 major groups, which were the nongovernmental association, personal gym and studio, other related industry, and the costumer itself. Then from the stretch of the groups, I pointed out the biggest affected faster within the system, including the educational system, medical system, political system as the most related industry; time, money, energy, management, and production, etc. as the biggest waste problem.

  • Interconnections

sports, medical, business, economy, law, education, dance, service, marketing, advertising, social responsibility, social justice, culture, science, political 

  • synthesis

educational system(association)> students > teacher > individual attitude+information > students > cycle back

  • emergences

the emergences were highlighted with red blocks on the systematic map.

  • causalities

the injury of students, costumers

  • feedback loops

education > enhance knowledge and requirements for test

students > positive learning attitude and identifying the right source of leaning

teacher > keep updating their information and basic knowledge for teaching in sports.

Breaking Down the system ( how the system affects the environment) 

example: association waste

management waste

business planning >marketing > couches

All the certificates in the fitness and sports industry were separate into 5 categories>

1. Physical fitness >There are two major categories of healthy physical fitness and sports physical fitness. Healthy physical fitness includes muscle strength, muscle endurance, Five major elements of cardiorespiratory endurance, flexibility, and body mass index. Physical fitness includes speed, reaction time, muscle Factors such as strength are the components of athletic fitness

2. Aerobic > Aiming at enhancing Cardiopulmonary Function Sports, this section includes dance, cycling, running, and so on. 

3. Sports and health > This type of certification deals with sports injury and prevention 

4. Special ethnic group > for people who had medical issues, kids, and elders. 

5. Management > for people who manage the fitness environment. 

From the  Ministry of the Interior of the domestic association website, about 39 of the associations have the right to give out certifications for teaching. However, as the certifications were all separated with unconnected knowledge that doesn’t require the basic principles of learning anatomy, kinesiology, sports science, it is hard for the couches to teach with a systematic and correct value.

practical solutions 

  1. provide more information and values about injury prevention and sports knowledge for the general public.
  2. Change the rules > request for a enhance of the level to be a trainer or teacher in sports, and balance out the academic, non-academic curriculum courses in schools related to fitness and sports. 
  3. create a database that collects all information about certification systems and learnings in Taiwan.

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