Sustainable System – Action Week

July 20, 2020 - Sustainable Systems
Sustainable System – Action Week


Sustainable System – Action Week

1.what is activism 

Activism was used to describe a policy or action using various ways to achieve social change.

2.the local reality 

Taiwan is having a category of 4 types of activist groups including

  1. human rights
  2. social class
  3. movement of life
  4. the reform movement

3. the local activist group 

Physician Working Conditions Reform Group



Physician Working Conditions Reform Group was a group founded by medical students from National Taiwan University, Yangming University, and Chang Gung University. The group was founded after the Labor Day parade during 2011. To improve the deteriorating working conditions of new physicians and medical interns, the group claimed to incorporate physicians into the labor law, and achieve medical decommodification.


Everything was triggered through two events about the overworking of a student and amen. On the afternoon of April 27, 2011, a report on the internet reported the death of National Cheng Kung University Hospital expresses intern medical students because of working more than 8 hours a day in the hospital. Another event is about Cai Boqiang, a surgical resident at Chi Mei Hospital. He passed out in the operating room of the Chi Mei Hospital during 2009, suspected of having a myocardial infarction due to overwork. These two events had created an awareness of the medical student body to stand for their working rights and also walk on the street with protest to make changes in the law.


The Physician Working Conditions Reform Group today was composed of not only medical students but also residential doctors. They’ve been offering numerous lectures, sessions, and classes thought out universities in Taiwan.


As an art student, I believe by spreading the truth of medical conditions in Taiwan though the photographic image would enhance the exposure of problematic labor. Working through the photographic image of laborers, creating an exhibition, writing an article, or even manufacturing a product could be ways to work for the association. In exchange by helping the community, we could understand and learn more about the law and labor in the medical industry, and also learn more about communication and how these things that were happening in another industry may apply to the art industry.

Resource :

My art idea (theme) –  WHO IS THE PATIENT 

A contrast between  — Short term vs long term sickness

COVID-19 is spreading through the world, while focusing not only on the patients, we also gain a chance to observe the medical system in the world. Taiwan is acting pretty well with COVID-19, which allows most of citizens nowadays to have the chance to went out without having masks and stay healthy in the country. Thanks to the implementation of universal health insurance starting on March 1, 1995, most of the Taiwanese citizens have the right to see a doctor at low prices. However, this creates several problems in the medical system, including what the Physician Working Conditions Reform Group mentioned that was about the over laboring of doctors. COVID-19 took us closer to the understanding of the medical system, and I am imagining of using photographic image and video to a VR environmental art exhibition that captures the over laboring of doctors during the pandemic situation of COVID-19.


  • photographic image overworked doctors (printed on the wall)

Image source :

  • Vr environment of patient vs the doctoral labors


  • Articles for promotion and knowledge about the exhibition and the laboring issue especially during COVID-19.

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