Natural Dye Lab

July 26, 2020 - Sustainable Systems
Natural Dye Lab


The whole process took me about 3 hours to finish, which is a pretty long time with a small amount of fabric and result. I imagined what if all the clothing brands in the world were made with natural dyes? Considering what Laura mentioned in the presentation about the system of capitalism and the fast-paced modern era, although natural dyes are sustainable, it might take a lot of energy and cost. The high cost of time and energy for natural dyes may be a conflict with the economic system, but I believe by sharing a deeper value of use in healthy material and the process of natural dye-making will help the costumers to understand more about how the fabrics were colored and made in a good way.

While doing this project I felt really excited. I chose carrot as my plant for the experiment, also worried about how will the dye felt like. My worries did happen, which was the unobvious color of the dye. However, the whole process was fun and I would really love to try with different plans, assistance, and more to see the different effects of the natural dyes. For the first time, I think I am successful in finding out all the ph levels and the mixing of the assistance, but the process of controlling the boiled water and the color of the dye was pretty hard! Will try to use another kind of plant with heavier color next time!

simmer 1 ) – carrot 

1 2/3cup of carrot

3cup water

94.3 degree


simmer 2) – fabric 

water 5 cup

mordant 5 spoon



Vinegar 2 spoon

Baking soda 1 spoon

Lemon half






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