Mask – S Project

July 29, 2020 - Sustainable Systems
Mask – S Project

This is my partner Yuyi

Her topic: The waste of food delivery

Due to the high frequency of her family’s usage of food delivery, Yuji realizes it created numerous waste on the packaging of plastics, boxes, etc on from the food delivery, and she claimed the recycling system in China was just slowly developing. Hoping the awareness of doing recycle would grow faster, Yuji tried to design a poster for correct knowledge on recycling, and also started from the local realities of her family.

After chatting, I also learned that the Chinese government was also promoting similar strategies to help the sustainability of the environment in China, such as limiting the usage of plastic bags and straws from convenient stores.

As a result, I decided to design a mask with some logos related to recycling, and also the result that might happen due to food delivery, which was as pollution, to design the mask.

My initial idea : 

My initial idea is to incorporate the elements of the four logos of recycling and also the color of the logos to represent the recycling idea. In addition, I want to continue the use of natural dyes with a carrot but instead use the dye with a burnt down quality to represent pollution in the stuck cotton of the mask.

mask 1

However, I decided to change my design since the visual effect that I want to achieve was not complete.

I choose to leave only the color of the burnt down dye, the use of cotton, and one color of the recycle logo to deliver the idea of pollution from food delivery in a simple way. Also, I try to design a product card within the sent mask to let the customer understand where the dye was coming from and how things were related in a mystic way.


Below is the photo of the delivery





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