sustainable system – module 5

August 4, 2020 - Sustainable Systems
sustainable system – module 5


I am interested in sports and care about both my body and the environment. Since I have been doing a lot of research on medical issues, fitness, and also environmental issues, I want to combine them into this project. By raising awareness on the health of humans and nature, I hope to make the customers have more empathy for nature while realizing their health condition as well. Targeting an audience of people who care about their health and love sports, I designed this sweatPHdetecting sports watch and named it “LINK+”. Designed with minimalistic style, this watch will help people achieve a balanced PH level of their body through drinking water and raise awareness of the health of the rivers in New York City. The watch will be made with eco-friendly iron, plaster, and digital elements, and it will also be connected with mobile app. I designed a few interfaces for the “Link+” app, which customers can use to understand: how their PH level of the day compares to the PH level in several rivers in NYC; how they can improve their PH level to neutral by drinking the required amount of water; and how to help build a sustainable environment and PH level in the water system. In reality, “Link+” could be used as both an easytowear accessory and an awareness tool for both personal and environmental health. The packaging of the box, of course, can be made with recyclable materials such as corn boxes.“Link+” can help to achieve awareness of human and environmental health. Through the marketing of the product, the watch will expose the true condition of NYC‘s water system and people’s health conditions in this digital era. “Link to a sustainable future” will be a perfect slogan for the watch.


The following is my process of design from ideation to design work.

Design Process: 

Idea Sketch: 


Final concept: 


presentation version 1 :

presentation version 2 (short final) :



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