Saturday Night Fever

September 15, 2020 - film analysis, Year 2
Saturday Night Fever


The main character was walking with a well classic suit of the ’80s, every step is on the beat, and every shot was on a detailed angle and challenging position that blends with the music. The man ends up in a painting shop, and the music suddenly stopped ……… “You can’t fuck the future, the future fucks you,” I remember that’s the most impressing sentence that I heard from the ordinary conversation between the man and the boss.

Saturday Night Fever was a music film about a man who falls in love with a girl through the journey of club dancing in the 80s. It is not only just a life story but a story that challenges society and depicts the struggle of a teen in society between the rich and the poor, the meaning of happiness and success, moreover, the idea of a missing faith.

The rich and the poor 
The New York Times had suggested during the ’80s, the gap between the rich and the poor had increased by 3.5 percent. In the film, Stephanie Mangano and Tony Manero were represented as the poor side, while one aim high for a rich life, but another was living with a small satisfaction through dance. While both of them met, the contrast between the different personalities in the same pool of small poverty sparks. In the film, the Brooklyn bridge that Tony and Stephanie’s drive-through also reflects a road to dream and a gap between the rich and the poor, linking the land of Manhattan and Brooklyn.

meaning of success
What means happiness and success? I kept this question in my mind over and over again. Tony seems to be happy through dancing and appreciative with a small rise in salary, although in the eyes of Stephanie and lots of people, Tony was considered as a failure of society just because he is not living with a capitalist life where owning a house, a car, and being rich and famous was successful in the US. Maybe Tony is the only one who was right, although he seems to like having less in the view of society, he has the most that the society doesn’t have, where happiness and satisfaction exist in his life. Through dancing and the living of family, Tony already was a success in god’s eye.

The overkill faith
As a one-year-old Christian, although just new to the community, I understand some of the situations of groupings in Christianity still existence. The family was considered as a traditional Christian family, however, they are having too much on relying on Christ and was not taking action through Christ about their life. The faith is there in order to let us understand and know the existence of God, but there are some things that we have to know, is to take action through God’s word and “grow” in Christ.

In the film, the two brothers reminded me about the prodigal son. The big brother is the one who listens and the little brother is the one who chooses to have an adventure. Even if the film doesn’t tell the ending between the brothers and the family, the setting of a pastor’s brother and an unrestrained brother still reflected on their character setting in some way.

From the son and family relationship, it seemed to be people are dead in faith and stuck in the forms, which is similar to the society where people think they can’t get out of the rules from the world.

There is always a balance that we are trying to seeking for, no matter in faith or in life.

After watching the film, the disco life of Tony took us an adventure to satisfaction of life while we may keep asking ourselves about faith, success, and family.

Things can be hard and easy at the same time, the only way out may be living through naivety as Tony does through life.



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