VSC3 discussion – About Social Media

September 16, 2020 - Year 2
VSC3 discussion – About Social Media



My Questions rose from the reading about social media

Do people on social media have the responsibility of their fans?

Is it right to earn money by telling what others want you to say but not want you to want to say and understand yourself?

What does it mean to be an influencer on social media?


The world will never end with discussions about things and ideas. We can only understand everyone trusts different things, and it is important to respect their values and ideas. 

Remember, what I share is what I trust, there is no need for others to feel like they have to follow what I follow. But I am just providing the truth that I believe is better for others. 

answers from questions 

1. Do you follow any influencers?

Yes, I do, but mostly I follow people who I like and who had a successful business kind of life. And mostly I love to see companies and artists’ feed to learn how they promote themselves through social media. For example, accounts I follow included Alisha Grogan, Christina Mok, and Chia Wei, etc. These are the people I thought was positive in a way to share their life and knowledge.

2. Why do you follow that (those) influencers?

These influencers are sharing knowledge and lifestyle that was in my interest of learning. For example Chia Wei, a Taiwanese PT, shares context about Physical therapy, which can help a lot of people who face sports injuries and more.

3. For what do you trust these influencers?

From how they share and how they act, some of them I trust after they speak, some of them because of what they share, and some are just for authentic pleasure.

4. What would make you stop following any of your favorite influencer(s)? 

When I changed my idea about life, I will stop following them, but most of my followers are friends that I know, which I had a hard distinction on not following any person I met through life. It is hard to make a choice from who you want to hang out with.


Are Influencers Responsible for the Behavior of Their Followers.pdf Flight of the Influencers – The New York Times.pdf Social media influencers walk tightrope to strike right tone on pandemic, protests – The Washington .pdf Kim Kardashian West will freeze her Instagram to protest Facebook.pdf

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