Week 5 – image research

October 6, 2020 - Year 2
Week 5 – image research

The 1930s was an era that had the most influence from Hollywood in the fashion industry. I personally love to watch films and theatre, which it always fascinated by ideas about life and story. The paragraph had mentioned there is a time neo-Victorian clothing was needed in the costume industry, the style of the period from the rage of the 1850s to 1934 reached a peak in 1938. The film title “Little women” captured my sight the most and after doing research I found out this poster most interests me as an artist. Little Women 1933 poster.jpg

The image 

Titled with Little Women in the center of the poster, underneath a girl with blue dress cross-eyed with three other kids. In her eyes, there is anger and upset. Maybe she is angry because of the situation she is in right now, or maybe she had a fight with these people she stares with, or even she was getting abandoned and betrayed by these people she eye crossed. The atmosphere of this poster does cause my curiosity, I am wondering about why things are getting so intense in this poster. Although I can only have assumptions from the poster, however, it does tell a message of the childish we had from anger.

The film 

Directing by  George Cukor, the film talks about the chronicle lives of a group of sisters growing up in nineteenth-century America. The three sisters Margaret, Amy, and Beth, grew up guiding by their mother and having a father that went away because of serving as a minister in the troops of the Civil war. Some of the love stories are presented between their neighbors, Jo. Also, a tutor, John Brooke,  is involved and holds an important role as the wife of Margaret as well. overall it is a complicated love story between these people.

more information

While searching for this film, I found out that the film was originated from the little women novel ( good wives ) written by  American author Louisa May Alcott. Several different versions of the film Little women were adapted during 1949,1994, and 2019. The newest version of Little women had nominated with the best costume design on oscar as well.

the costume designer:

Overall, it seemed like little women is a classic film to watch, and I am really excited to have it a look in person not only at the film but also different costume designers involved in each version of the film.

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