Yi-Han Chou

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Bridge 4 Reflection

1. What part of this project are you most proud of? The fact that although the app was not fully working, but I am actually building it and trying to make it work! 2. If you had all of the time and all of the money, what would you do differently? If I have all…

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Bridge 4 Reflection and Process Model – May 2019/. IS2 Studio Final Reflection – May 2019

UK Design Council’s User-Centred Approach define the problem  The problem in street dance culture was the unorganized information and lack of face to face interactions in reality due to the change ni technology and environment from street to studio space. Although studio spaces provided a safe environment for people to dance, however, it was hard…

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“Artist Discovery Reflection – May 2019”

1. How you chose your artists. I’ll choose artist base on my recent mood or condition. It could be the challenge I’ve face recently, and a lot of them were negative feelings or self discoveries. 2. Themes that arose for you. mental health, psychology, costume, spirituality, body, love. 3. What you learned about yourself or…

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Darren MacPherson – mental health

https://www.hungertv.com/feature/five-contemporary-artists-exploring-mental-health/ http://www.designcurial.com/news/major-artists-come-together-to-create-powerful-mental-health-art-exhibition-5939707/   Discovering myself with serious mental and psych problem that I don’t even realize myself, I tried to search for artists online who had the same issue as a creator like me. I believe all artists or everyone had a time with serious mental and physical illness, but artists are just the one…

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“Process Documentation & Project/ “Aduance – meet ” – May 2019″

    Project statement    Inspiration  Inspired by several successful APPS on market, my final purpose was to combine all function of these APPs and make all the role of the APPs above in to street dance, providing a resourceful platform for street dancers. For the studio project itself, the meet app design was mostly…

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“IS2: [Aduance meet] – May 2019”

    Working on exploring the problem of how commercialization in street dance culture influence society, my seminar project focuses on the negative effects on social media, which was a lack of communication, shallow understanding of culture, decline of creativity in dance, injuries, and manufactured dance choreography. Focusing on the problem of “lack of communication”,…

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Love – Bert Stern

While thinking about my recent life, I got really deep into understanding love, how people love, how do we receive or provide love and so on. Love between male and female, between friends, between family…. there’s so much to learn and yet I need to understand more so I tried to search for artist who…

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costume design / shape of water costume designer – Milicent Patrick

Since I am always really interested in theater arts and also costume design, and this idea of performing art and visual arts was around me recently, I decided to start exploring theater designers and artist that I never knew about. While searching, I found out the theater artists’ information was hard to track and vague,…

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“Bridge 3 Reflection – April 2019”.

  1. Please identify (at least) one way in which creating visualizations (as a form of annotation) supports your research/ creative process. Creating visualizations helps me understand what am I researching and how does these objects in the real world connect to any kinds of topic I am researching. These thinking about “what  visuals can…

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Bridge 3: Process Documentation Submit Assignment

Cultural frame /  How has the commercialization of street dance through social media influenced street dance culture? /  Annotated Bibliography final -24cvvb0   Process  This is the process beginning from searching and concept to others.   Final Piece ( frame removable )     

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