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“Process Documentation & Project/ “Aduance – meet ” – May 2019″

    Project statement    Inspiration  Inspired by several successful APPS on market, my final purpose was to combine all function of these APPs and make all the role of the APPs above in to street dance, providing a resourceful platform for street dancers. For the studio project itself, the meet app design was mostly…

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“IS2: [Aduance meet] – May 2019”

    Working on exploring the problem of how commercialization in street dance culture influence society, my seminar project focuses on the negative effects on social media, which was a lack of communication, shallow understanding of culture, decline of creativity in dance, injuries, and manufactured dance choreography. Focusing on the problem of “lack of communication”,…

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Birds of a Feather Video Response – 03/07/19

    1/  When did Joseph Cornell start collecting materials for his work?  Cornell started his artworks around the age of 30, which he start making obsessive, ingenious versions of the same story — founded object that reminds people of  expansiveness and flight. What does different kind of birds symbolize? In general, birds symbolized human’s power to…

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Bridge 1 – reflection

S19_Sem_Anna_Chou_Audrey_bridge 1 -29tzmzl While I exam my room, I took a deep breath, and start slowing down my pace to observe my surroundings. Once I start doing that, I suddenly realize it has been a long time, or to say I had never settled down for this long without doing work to the exam and…

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Marina Abramović – body

The inspired word of mine was the word body. Since recently, I am really focusing on feeling my body and the nutrition intake of health, the word body just pops up in my mind when I was wandering through the classroom. I just typed body artist on the internet and  websites about this artist ” Marina…

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