Integrative Seminar 2

“Process Documentation & Project/ “Aduance – meet ” – May 2019″
    Project statement    Inspiration  Inspired by several successful APPS on market, my final purpose was to combine all function of these [...]
“IS2: [Aduance meet] – May 2019”
“IS2: [Aduance meet] – May 2019”
    Working on exploring the problem of how commercialization in street dance culture influence society, my seminar project focuses on the [...]
Birds of a Feather Video Response – 03/07/19
    1/  When did Joseph Cornell start collecting materials for his work?  Cornell started his artworks around the age of 30, which he start [...]
Bridge 1 – reflection
S19_Sem_Anna_Chou_Audrey_bridge 1 -29tzmzl While I exam my room, I took a deep breath, and start slowing down my pace to observe my surroundings. Once I [...]
Marina Abramović – body
The inspired word of mine was the word body. Since recently, I am really focusing on feeling my body and the nutrition intake of health, the word body just [...]
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