Integrative Studio 2

Bridge 4 Reflection
1. What part of this project are you most proud of? The fact that although the app was not fully working, but I am actually building it and trying to make [...]
Bridge 4 Reflection and Process Model – May 2019/. IS2 Studio Final Reflection – May 2019
UK Design Council’s User-Centred Approach define the problem  The problem in street dance culture was the unorganized information and lack of face to face [...]
“Artist Discovery Reflection – May 2019”
1. How you chose your artists. I’ll choose artist base on my recent mood or condition. It could be the challenge I’ve face recently, and a lot [...]
Darren MacPherson – mental health
Darren MacPherson – mental health [...]
“Process Documentation & Project/ “Aduance – meet ” – May 2019″
    Project statement    Inspiration  Inspired by several successful APPS on market, my final purpose was to combine all function of these [...]
“IS2: [Aduance meet] – May 2019”
“IS2: [Aduance meet] – May 2019”
    Working on exploring the problem of how commercialization in street dance culture influence society, my seminar project focuses on the [...]
Love – Bert Stern
Love – Bert Stern
While thinking about my recent life, I got really deep into understanding love, how people love, how do we receive or provide love and so on. Love between [...]
costume design / shape of water costume designer – Milicent Patrick
costume design / shape of water costume designer – Milicent Patrick
Since I am always really interested in theater arts and also costume design, and this idea of performing art and visual arts was around me recently, I [...]
“Bridge 3 Reflection – April 2019”.
  1. Please identify (at least) one way in which creating visualizations (as a form of annotation) supports your research/ creative process. Creating [...]
Bridge 3: Process Documentation Submit Assignment
Cultural frame /  How has the commercialization of street dance through social media influenced street dance culture? /  Annotated Bibliography final [...]
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