Integrative Studio 2

Bridge 3: Project Statement
research question How has the commercialization of street dance through social media influenced street dance culture? motivation I am really into street [...]
Dr. Mehmet Berkmen and  Maria Peñil Cobo – Bacteria Art
Dr. Mehmet Berkmen and  Maria Peñil Cobo – Bacteria Art Recently I just got a stomach ache by food poisoning, which was related to bacteria. I came up the idea of germs and [...]
“Bridge 2: Project Statement_February 2019”
“Bridge 2: Project Statement_February 2019”
The image I choose for the commercial redesign was the Chanel perfume commercial. The reason why I choose it its because of the use of technological [...]
Bridge 2 Process Documentation
Bridge 2 Process Documentation
          Initial inspiration photo  This is the initial photo I captured near the Green Which Village at lower Manhattan. [...]
Joy Sela – psychology
First I search for a lot of artist that went through mental illness and having psychological problem, however, I found out that a lot of them were artists [...]
As the man mentioned the publicity was never satisfied with their lives, and publicity was promoting this system of consumerism. I really agree with the [...]
Bridge 1: Reflection – February 2019
How did you feel (felt sense & emotional narrative) about showing your work? I felt exciting about showing and presenting my work as an artist, since [...]
“Bridge 1: Project Statement_February 2019”
This series is based on the idea of my friends room, originate from the word of “crystal ring” then it expanded to the concept of [...]
Bridge 1: Process Documentation February 2019
I imagined my friend’s room, where I went to a lot recently. There’s a crystal ring on the table in his bedroom that catch my eye sight in the [...]
My thoughts that popped out today contained health, nutrition, astrology, and dance since this morning, I am, planning out how to create my own meal plan [...]
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