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Marina Abramović – body

The inspired word of mine was the word body. Since recently, I am really focusing on feeling my body and the nutrition intake of health, the word body just pops up in my mind when I was wandering through the classroom. I just typed body artist on the internet and  websites about this artist ” Marina…

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Bridge 1: Reflection – February 2019

How did you feel (felt sense & emotional narrative) about showing your work? I felt exciting about showing and presenting my work as an artist, since I’m really interested in how the audience would react to my work, and what would they thought about the pieces I create. The thoughts of the audience would really…

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“Bridge 1: Project Statement_February 2019”

This series is based on the idea of my friends room, originate from the word of “crystal ring” then it expanded to the concept of  cell,reflection,veins,geometric shape and pattern. although all of these were not really realted to each other,I tried to experiment with yarns which were not my most familiar meterial, and also digital,to…

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Bridge 1: Process Documentation February 2019

I imagined my friend’s room, where I went to a lot recently. There’s a crystal ring on the table in his bedroom that catch my eye sight in the memories, it was so pure, calm, and peaceful.   After thinking from the process of 5 words that appeared and connected in my mind, I choose…

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My thoughts that popped out today contained health, nutrition, astrology, and dance since this morning, I am, planning out how to create my own meal plan and not fail myself on health. My meal plan was based on astrology, so that’s why I found it interesting to be continued reasearch for an artist.   After…

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Artist Statement – January 2019

” I took off my shoes, my concerns, my worries and the hard stone of my conscious mind, then I stand in front of the mirror, examining my body, mind and soul, as who I am, and what I what to be as an artist, and as an individual that want to share love and…

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Selfies – January 2019

These are my selfies, I usually took selfies that covered part of my face, that gives a feeling of mystery, since I sometimes need something personal to myself, and want to keep others curious. the concept of my creative selfie was to provide a feeling of ocean. The selfies I took was in the hotel…

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circus project

A girl who was somehow Japanese like and brought a passion for multidiscipline studies in art all the way to New York City, that is me Audrey ( Yi-Han ), Chou. Studying at Parsons, I held an undeclared major, however, I was always clear about my visions of art, since I love all of them,…

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