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Medicine Woman/ Evelyn/ The Doctor

1992, mixed media

-standing figure

-composed of Buchanan’s empty pill bottles

-evokes an imagined healer for Buchanan

-believe that the tradition of placing bottles on tree branches to trap evil spirits originated in Central Africa in the ninth century





The three domains of the object assemblage are, thus, self-portrait, suffer, and heal. While her domains are different from my domains in that they are about personal-while mine are more about groups-, they still share suffer and portrait and used as a ideal healer- as Korean flag was modified with the hope that Korea to be independent with one part of my domain-Korean flag and culture and history convened in it-.

Cartonnage of Nespanetjerenpare

-ca. 945-718 B.C.E.

-standing figure

-theme of resurrection (restore to life) and permanence

-form of a djed-pillar(stability, well being) and a tyet-amulet

-representation of the solar god

-hieroglyphs for life and power

-depict a variety of cities associated with the parts of the body

-deities who serve to protect the owner and keep his mummy bound together for eternity







The domains in the work are life, power, god, permanence, and invincibility. It is similar to my domain in that it represents whom the people served for (solar god). It depicts a variety of cities associated with the parts of the body. It deities who serve to protect the owner and keep his tummy bound together for eternity.


My domains




-How does Korean flag communicates its culture and identity (cultural and historical identity) to people?


-a white background, a red and blue yin-yang circle in the center that symbolizes a balance, and four black trigrams in each of the four corners

-background symbolizes light and purity and reflects the Korean people’s -colorstraditional affinity for peace




-How did it come about that men wear pants and women wear skirts?

-ancient clothing

-skirts were very common as a male garment.. but why not now?




-How does traffic sign visually communicates with the driver and passengers?


red: stop

green: go

yellow: slow


no u-turn, right turn, left turn




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