A game where you push robots into water by moving the earth!

Push tiles by tapping an adjacent tile in your desired direction. When you do, your tile pushes every other solid (non-water) tile in front of you in that direction. You cannot, however, push toward a mountain tile.

Whenever you move, each enemy’s action timer decreases by one. When it  reaches zero, they attack the endangered space(s) in front of them. Destroy enemies or tiles by pushing them off of the edge or into chasms. Destroy all enemies without dying to complete the level!

Available on Google Play!
(Potentially releasing on the Apple App Store soon?)

Created by Munro Hoberman and Lionel Miele-Herndon

Music by Antti Luode
Thanks to Gravity Sounds for some sound effects
Special Thanks to Kurt Bieg, Henry Lam, and the rest of our playtesters and classmates.