Food Portrait

Food portrait made out of rice, seaweed and yoghurt covered raisins.

I am from South Korea and I thought making my self portrait out of the foods related to my mother country made sense. I tried to make this project personal, instead of making it look like me. Therefore, I used microwavable brown rice to make the base of my face. The brown rice was sticky enough to stick to the sketchbook paper. I pressed the brown rice into the paper to make it stick and form the shape of my face. The brown rice also acted as the glue in this piece. I also used brown rice instead of white rice because my mother never allowed me to eat white rice. I used seaweed to represent my hair as well as the texture. I ripped pieces of seaweed into halves for my eyebrows and my nose. I used yoghurt covered raisins to make my eyes because it is my favorite snack. I stuck more seaweed on top of the yoghurt however it got blown away by the air. I also mixed in kimchi sauce with my brown rice to make the lips.

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