Int Studio: Visualize your Senses

Integrative Studio Assignment: Visualizing my Senses

In this assignment, I tried to portray the senses smell and sight. I had a memory of my grandparents house in South Korea. Contrary to the common apartment setting my grandparents had a house and a enormous lawn. In the lawn area I planted a tree when I was around seven years old. The tree is still growing behind my grandparents house. I wanted to draw my parents and my siblings face growing out of the tree to symbolize the setting on the day I planted my very first tree. My parents are strong and independent like my tree. They are like my backbone, Like leaves make certain trees complete my parents make me who I am. I also drew my sister because she is also important in my life. I also connected my mother to a popular South Korean street dish called,deokk-bokki. That she made that day at my grandmothers. The smell component of this project was the use of my mother and sisters favorite perfume, Miss Dior. I remembered smelling the scent that day as she helped me plant the tree. I drew the heart and the fetus to symbolize how she raised me into the woman I am today and which is symbolic because I am the “mother” of this tree. I also added the Hong Kong glad because I also hung the flag of Hong Kong on the tree branches recently to symbolize how even though South Korea was my birthplace I grew up in Hong Kong. I also added a small frame of my memory of the day my grandmother was waiting for us to come home to her in Seoul from Hong Kong. While doing this project I realized if I had done the same piece on a bigger scale with color this piece would have come alive. Instead of spraying my paper with the perfume if I had someway shown the ingredients and scattered them on the piece of paper as well as show the cedar wood tree pattern on the tree I feel like this piece would have seem more complete.

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