Response to David O’Reilly

When watching the animation in class, it first caught my eye because the animation technique seemed underdeveloped. I am not one to judge animation development, as I literally know nothing about it – but when I can compare the quality to that which I see in Pixar films, and so on – it seemed under developed. Yet, as I watched it further I felt enthralled by the technique and very attached to the story line. When the film ended, I no longer cared about the way the animations looked because I had been taken into a different world and felt the rawness of the characters, and the game-like look of the animation. After reading the essay for homework, it all began to make more sense. He writes about how it does not matter what your style or aesthetic is, but instead how coherent you make it. If you’re going to go for the raw, video game look, then delve into it completely, which is something that OReilly did very successfully. His idea of coherence and the making of a world, and making it thoroughly is very brilliant I think. It is something that I would like to learn more about probably through making animations and creating my own coherent universe.

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