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My name is Emma Ortiz and I am a junior in the Illustration program at Parsons. My primary art and design interests are 2D work that I make in my sketchbook and that either stay 2D or I like to turn them into either animations or 3D pieces. I like to spend all day drawing in my sketchbook because I find that I make my best work when I’m not working towards a definitive project and just working for myself. I eventually end up using these fluid drawings for more finished pieces but I like my inspirations to be in their most raw form. My biggest inspirations are the things around me – things that I interact with, things I see, or things I wish existed. I like to make happy pieces with simple lines and lots of fun colors I like to portray happy and positive thinking with my art and I think that it shows through in the way I make them. For the most part I just like to use sketchbook paper with water soluble crayons, colored pencils, or Prisma color markers – i’ll then scan them and clean them up to make finished pieces, or I’ll take the sketches as inspiration into other mediums (clay, digital). I make art because it clears my mind and helps me deal with the stresses and fears that I have – I spend a lot of time drawings things I like about the world and the way that I like to view it. In a class I had last semester we had to bring in all of our work at the end of the semester and the teacher critiqued us and he told me that he felt that all of my illustrations belonged to a world, which I was creating and growing within but that he felt like I wasn’t even completely sure what belonged to the world yet. I felt like that was a really good way to describe what I make – I think that in my career as an artist I have been growing and creating this world with me as a go, which is ever growing as well. I think that it is important for me to keep growing this world because it allows me to grow as a person and artist and create with a purpose. I think that it is important to others because there is a true genuine feeling behind the art that I make. I think that I’m always looking for new inspiration and research interests in order to keep the fluidity of my art practice up to date with my interests personally, like if I’m watching a new show then you’ll see the reference in my art in some minor detail or other. In the future I’d like to continue to make more art naturally by drawing in my sketchbook and seeing where it takes me, I eventually want to have my own brand where I want to have toys, books, and knick knacks of some sort.

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