If These Walls Could Talk


Character/Community Description:

I have created a very infantile, caring, sensitive, community of animal-like creatures. These creatures resemble both goats, and dogs but really have neither of the qualities that come with those animals. Instead they have the qualities of naive, baby-like humans who obsess over motifs and rely on them for the goodness and purity of their world. In my experience and previous research that I’ve done, some people tend to collect and obsess over things when they are trying to overcompensate for a fear. The fear in my community is any form of disruption, and until now they have been just fine.

In the room which I have chosen to create in order to represent qualities of this community, there are five creatures. Four of these being children, and one being an adult. The four children are in bed, two per bed. I chose to have two creatures per bed because I wanted the express the feeling of being bundled. I feel like the concept of being bundled for me stems from needing comfort, and comforting myself. Watching over the children in bed, is an adult. What makes the adult any different than the children, is only his size; he is just as infantile, babied, and all consumed in this bubble world.

Behind the adult, is a gallery wall. A gallery wall typical to the home of this community. The gallery fall is filled with imagery, smiley face and rainbows. The smiley face is a symbol for a God, and the rainbow a symbol for a cross. There are multiple statues of the smiley face, and rainbow throughout the room. Alongside the smiley face, and somewhat resembles it is also drawings of themselves. This is to show the idolization of the god and also the naive nature that these creatures think they are close to the god and kept close under watch. These symbols are sacred to them, which is why when something regarding the symbols goes awry it’s a big deal.


So, my story begins just like any other night in Shi Land. The adult in this family, which lives in Critter Land land, is named Doe. She has four children, Tia, Hun, Fin, and Nil. The children’s room is pristine, the only things that are in this room are necessary, and the children are well behaved. Every night they do their nightly routine as follows. Ten pats on the ear for each child, then they take off their clothes, and use a small rainbow shaped sponge to clean themselves. These critters sleep bare, as there is no form of shame in this land, only happiness, respect, and appreciation. From there the children line up outside their door, waiting for their mother to unlock the door for them. She asks if them if they are ready to enter the bedroom, and as long as they are each honest with their answer, they are allowed in. This has never been a problem, because these children are always honest, and they know now different.

Tia and Fin get into their top bunk, and Hun and Nil are in the bottom bunk. Doe, their mother, stands across from their beds and in front of the gallery wall. The fact that the mother is blocking her children from the gallery wall is showing that they are not yet old enough to fully understand or interact with their god yet, and the ideology that comes with being a critter in their land. But they are being trained, just as she was. The routine mentality, and hoarding of things that resemble their god, and worship figures is all part of the brainwashing and narrow mentality that these critters strive to have. Every night Doe reminds her children of these figures, and ask them to restate things that they saw today which reminded them of their gods. Clouds, bowls, flowers, pretty much anything with a curve has been ingrained in their heads to be reminded of their god (smiley) and religious figure (rainbow). This has caused these critters no room for anything but an obsessive, happy and naive personality because they have been bombarded with motifs since birth.

Something about this night changes these critters forever. In the middle of Fin explaining what he saw during the day that reminded him of smiley, something falls from the shelf. This has never happened before, everything that has been placed in locations has been placed there for a reason, and will never move for another reason. On the top shelf, a pink, orange, and yellow rainbow falls off the shelf and cracks in half. What happens next, no one really knows. The story has gotten mixed up over time, but one thing for sure is that it wasn’t pretty. It was anything but happiness, respect, and appreciation. It was total mayhem, and nothing was ever the same. Before anyone in the room could even process what happened, the whole floor shook, all over Shi Land. Wether the floor actually shook, or it was a mental shaking that all these critters felt because of their infatuation with the rainbow is unsure, but any critter from Shi Land will tell you the same, it shook for real. No one is exactly sure what happened in that room when the rainbow fell, but everyone knows that nothing was the same. Doe and her family went into hiding, and never came out of the house once word broke out. All the critters are literally shaken, their whole understanding of of happiness and safeness given to them by these religious figures was broken in half, literally. The critters felt like they had nothing now to rely on, and treated this loss as a death. Outside the window of the room it happened, they set up a memorial to their god, in hopes of forgiveness and that the god would grant them sanity again. They recreated the pieces that were in the room when the crime happened, as offerings in form of mourning. The critters of Chi land still wait, for the day they will feel the same, the day that Doe, Tia, Hun, Fin, and Nil come out of hiding and tell the true story of what happened. The critters of Chi land are waiting to grab onto anything to give them clarity, but the matter of fact is that curves just don’t look the same anymore.

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