Grace Jones response

Grace jones can only be put in context in the 80s club scene and brings a stylish, sharp, condensed feeling to any project. Stella Macarthy is a British designer who uses sustainable materials to make luxury garments. Pairing the two is an interesting choice because it means Stella is trying to bring a sense of fun or edge to her collection with grace jones. The two songs chosen nightclubbing and pull up to my bumper where grace jones 80s hits on her album nightclubbing bringing another reference for Macarthy implying her cloths should be worn out on the town. The narrative followed the songs and in this case the fashion was paired with pull up to my bumper a night clubbing hit. Grace jones is always inspiring just because she is always doing something different or unconventional. I was hoping to do drag for my video so maybe filming a night out or getting ready for one would add to it’s context. This would take a crew of a makeup artist as a my makeup skill are not up to snuff and a someone to hold the camera as the night progresses. The video could also carry the theme of silver as the dress details and my hair are both of this color. Maybe bringing in another fashion collaboration like jones did would also be possible as she used a Philip Treacy hat. Though this is a long time partner ship it might be possible to work with a fashion major for their work on either shoes or accessories.

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