Bridge Project #1


In this project I am exploring the self through memoir, self portraiture, and the ‘selfie’. When taking self portraits, I am trying to depict who I am in order to explore and understand myself or express the person who I am to others. However, while taking these self portraits or ‘selfies’ we as persons can choose how we want to be represented and exposed to other people. And I’ll show this by the following three selfies that reflect a truth about me(they represent me how I really am), and three that are fake(they do not represent how I really am). 

In first place, for the three that reflect the truth about me I chose things that I like. #Fun-day was inspired by summer. I like summer because of the good weather. I thought I could represent summer shooting myself in a theme park as summer time is the only time I go there, so the memories are linked together. Shooting it while riding the wonder wheel was deliberately made so we could see most of the theme park in the background. #Skyview is a place in flushing I go whenever I feel bored as a have many friends living there. In addition to that, the person I like also lives here, this is why I chose to shot it at night, to connote a romantic atmosphere. I chose to weak white and red to suggest the love and pure admiration towards that person. I placed myself right in the middle of the portraiture to make the viewer focus on me and catch the attention straight away. #Laduree is inspired by my favourite dessert. The main focus is on my face, which is focusing on the macaron. I was wearing black in order to contrast the colourful macarons and give them more emphasis.

On the other hand, the three fake portraitures are inspired in different characters. #Brave Merida is an imitation of the Disney character Merida. Merida is brave, independent and strong, I fake her character in my portraiture. #Lemonade is inspired in my childhood memories, acting as a kid in a ball pool. My facial expression is fake, it seems that I am not enjoying it, however I was very happy to find such a museum in New York. Finally, I think that #Castle is fake because it seems that I was enjoying the weather and the overall connotation is softness created by the warm colours of the sun, however, in reality I was hating the sun in my face as I was wearing make up. It felt as if the make up was melting on my face.









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