Bridge Project #1; Selfie

My favourite selfie

This selfie was taken last year, on the weekend of my eighteenth birthday. The New York City helicopter ride was a birthday gift from my uncle and his family. This is my favourite selfie not only because I have good memories of that time, but also because we all know that going out and taking the perfect selfie is not so simple, you have to think well the angle in which you are going to take the photo, the light of the place, if you wear a suitable clothing, and I think that it all worker perfectly as it was a surprise, it was  unplanned.

Even though I seem to be calm and relaxed in the selfie, I was very excited to be sitting in that helicopter. So I think I could say that my facial expression is fake as it doesn’t really show my real emotions. My body is also a little bit leaned towards the right, this in other people’s perspective can mean that I’m sitting comfortably, even though the seas was quite uncomfortable and the seatbelt was very tight. In addition to that, I like the sun that appears reflected on my hair, appearing to be a orangey color that connotes energy and happiness. However, in fact, I was sweating because I was wearing a leather jacket that looks very good on me but it made me very hot. This is also a misconception that people would see in the selfie.

Moreover, I took the selfie in a straight angle. I did this deliberately because in that way people could focus on what is inside the picture. I wanted the to see the background, with my cousin holding a camera used to the pictures of the sight and me, and the background that would show that I’m sitting on a helicopter.

I think I like this photo so much because this is a unusual picture that people would stop and look at it more close, compared to a selfie with a white background, this has more things for people to see. Further on, I believe that this was a photo that marked my eighteenth birthday and the fact that I was turing eighteen was even better, I was underaged in my country and this is a very special birthday for Spanish people.

Emotionally, I think that I am mature now, compared to the one in the selfie. I was still in high school last year, still working on my portfolio to get into Parsons. Eventhough I got into Parsons, I did procrastinate a lot, and I regret that now. If I could go back to that time I would work harder.

One thing that I noticed is that the ride was only fifteen minutes long, and I took almost half of the ride trying to get the perfect selfie. Another thing I would change if I could go back in time is that I would try to live in the moment and enjoy the tour.

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