Legend; The Lovers of Teruel

The Lovers of Teruel Summary

‘Lovers of Teruel’ is a legendary love story that I chose and is linked to Spain in the Middle Ages.

This legend takes place in the 13th century when Juan Diego Martínez de Marcilla and Isabel de Segura, young lovers since childhood that were looking for the right moment to get married. Like many romantic tragedies, Isabel occupied the position of a rich heiress. While Juan Diego barely had money. They both faced a clear difference in their social status hence Isabel’s family gave the boy a margin of five years to make a fortune.

In response to the father’s proposal, Juan Diego went to war. This was the only way out of such a complicated situation. Time passed without news of the lover as he was busy achieving his goal,however, Isabel never stopped thinking about him. This long wait that did end up with the patient of Isabel’s father. He decided to plan the marriage of his daughter with a man of noble caste, Don Pedro de Azagra.

Shortly before announcing the marriage, Juan Diego de Marcilla was already leaving for Teruel with fortune he worker for. When he was riding through the city gates, a local man came over to inform him of the new marriage of his beloved Isabel. He was desperate and couldn’t believe this, he ran to the home of the new couple. As if it were a fury, he entered the bride’s room and asked for a kiss of love. Isabel was a decent woman, She rejected it as her new state did not allow her to do so.

Don Diego died of love. During the funeral, Isabel approached the body of her beloved and gave him the kiss she had denied him before. At that precise moment, the girl also fell dead on the body of Juan Diego.Because of this unfortunate romance, both of the families decided to bury them together. They could not be together in life but now they could rest in peace for the eternity. 

I personally chose this legend because I am a romantic and emotional person. A couple years ago, after my grandma’s long sickness and passed away, my grandad also passed away. He has very healthy, the only thing that changed was that my grandma was no longer by his side and he also passed away. They say that it was because of oldness but I believes that a big reason why he passed away it was because of love. Having this experience, I feel very emotional  when hearing tragic love stories but at the same time I like hearing them as this shows that true love does exist.



Epic love stories of history: The lovers of Teruel




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