ReVerb; Talking pictures final

Final piece

Our theme was street art. In first place, we divided the work so each day we had a different colour theme to focus on and we had to take at least 2 photographs. Once we had at least 20 pictures, we collected them and we chose the stronger  ones to put in our final piece.










For the cover, we wanted make something in relation to our project which is street art so we we thought that a spray container would be perfect for it. We thought that the above layout, letter form and colour would be the  best presentation for what we would be showing inside.

We used black  for the inside of the bottle can to give the main focus on the context of the pages. We chose contrasting colours often seen in street art to separate different themes. The themes we chose were;

  1. Dirtcobain, drugs and New York City
  2. Love
  3. Politics
  4. Mental Health
  5. Crime





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