Observations and Interviewing Passersby




Respondent #1

How often do you come here?

Recently I came twice in the past week for filming.

Why did you chose this place to film?

For the union market. It required an actress buying a tomato and a park scene, both scenes are connected together.

Do you know any interesting facts about this place?

I haven’t been observing too much. However, there was a group who was making music and that affects our filming. A member from the group  gave me a book, and the interviewee gave them a donation. So the group were very nice.

How often do they film here?

Their production is the first time this year, actually it goes for  months, but there was a production the day before. ‘Billions’ filmed there, he was with the show ‘Sweetbitter but they really used to film in this park.

What is your favorite thing about this place?

Convenience, food, places around and the movie theater.


Respondent #2


How long you’ve been here?

Since 1960(first time in the park). He was the since he was in his junior year in high school.


Any differences since then and now?

Yes, a lot of differences. In first place, there used to be a park that stand for many political protest activities, civil rights, Vietnam; The whole nine yards…ETC. And for a long time that’s what it was, and where they have the farmers market there used to be a flowers market, exclusively. Fast forward, a kind of transition into a place where it had a lot of illegal activities; drugs,unlicensed pharmacies selling illicit drugs, pickpocketing, people getting robbed…ETC. This was while Charles Dickinson. Mr. Bloomberg came and he made it nice and safe for all the habitants and tourists. So, this is all about transition.


What are you doing here today?

I am sitting here taking pictures.

Is there any specific reason why you chose this spot?

Well, because New York City has changed. New York City used to be a lot more interesting than it is now. But in Union Square people still come, it’s like a cross road, there are all kinds of people pass through here and they are doing ordinary people things like talking, socialising, meeting up, picking up food. The only place that still has authenticity going back in history is Chinatown. Chinatown is about the only place that hasn’t changed that much. Little italy is gone, times square is gone, here, union square is mostly gone but Chinatown is the only one maintaining it ‘texture’.


Then, why you chose to be here?

Because this is where the pictures are good.


Is there an object or architectural feature that is most interesting to you?

There is not really anything. Well, I do like something the contrast between the old and new architecture. There is that building over here, that building is build on top of a much more older building, so there is this mix of the older and modern architecture.  Barnes and noble, that is the last older building left in that area that was here in the Post civil war. What they did is that they shorten the building, there used to be more floors.


Respondent #3

How often do you come here? 

Once a day. He walks his dogs.

Is there any specific reason why you chose Union Square Park?

This is close to where I live.

Do you like it here? 


What do you like about it? 

It is peaceful, this is a relaxing place.

Is there any specific artifice that interests you here? 

Occasionally there is a really amazing musical artists or visual artists.



Site background research

Location; Situated in 14th Street to 17th Street, from Union Square East (Fourth Avenue/Park Avenue South) to University Place.


Facts about Union Square Park

  1. ”Union Square was once a potters’ field”
  2. ”Union Square is a testament to the “Tale of Two Cities.””
  3. ”The First Labor Day Parade was held in Union Square.”
  4. ”A full-sized US navy battleship hung out in Union Square for three years.”
  5. ”Union Square’s George Washington statue is the oldest statue in the city’s Parks collection.”
  6. ”Union Square was the city’s first commercial theater district.”
  7. ”The Union Square Greenmarket is the city’s longest-running farmer’s market.”







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