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Real-life space

Casa Millá (or La Pedrera), Barcelona, Spain

‘Casa Milá’ or ‘La Pedrera is known for its stone appearance. It is a modernist building created by Gaudí between 1906 and 1912. The total area of ​​the site was 1,620 square meters, of which 1,323 meters were built.

Casa Milá is built around two courtyards that give light to nine floors, with basement and a ground floor, a mezzanine, the main floor, four upper floors and a loft. The departments are arranged around the facade and two interior circular courtyards.

The rooftop is topped by skylights, fans and chimneys that remind warriors covered with a helmet is one of the sites that most surprise the visitor to be a futuristic space. All these elements are covered with lime, marble or glass, built with flat brick that become true sculptures integrated into the building.



Terrorist attack while ‘Casa Milá’ celebrates their 100th anniversary


Scenario occurring in the space

Carla Lopez was invited  to commemorate ‘Casa Milá’ 100th anniversary. In the middle of the celebration, at the rooftop a terrorist attack happened, thats were the president.  The explosion of a bomb pack at Casa Millá was sent by a right-wing activists. At that time Carla was using the restroom, she heard a loud explosion and the walls started falling apart. Luckily, she was quick enough to get out from the little window at the left hand side of the restroom. It was the second floor, she jumped without any hesitation.Carla left all her stuff inside and could not use her phone to call for help.  She twisted her ankle but she kept running and running until she saw a person who could help her. Ana Diez was a shop keeper situated a few blocks away from ‘Casa Milá’, she heard the noise and she ran outside to see what was happening. She was shocked when he show the smoke coming out from the rooftop of ‘Casa Milá’ and she started recording the event. She also recorded how Carla came towards her, running, looking for help.


Carla Lopez: It was supposed to be a happy event.

Ana Diez:It was supposed to commemorate a historic event, now it made a new historic event.

Carla Lopez:People dressed formally for the event, as well as for the day of their deaths.

Ana Diez: Will people ever celebrate this places’ anniversary again?

Carla Lopez:I wonder if I didn’t use the restroom at that precise time, would I be one more digit to add to the list of death bodies?

Ana Diez: I saw a woman running towards me while the explosion was happening. I saw the look in her face. She was scared, really scared. As she approached, I saw her eyes wet, full of tears.

Carla Lopez: As I ran to safe my life, I turned my head once to see the explosion. All I could see was smoke coming out of the rooftop and the windows from the balconies, the whole building was tearing apart.

Ana Diez: The smoke was very dark at first then if  faded, as well as the sound of the victims screaming.




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